A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Collective Memory

The memory machine!!!

Your tape counts!

Help us grow this memory machine.

We are always looking for new (or should we say old ;)) tapes to be digitized. Our main interest goes to Belgian clubs, period 1988 to 1999. You still have a box full of tapes but don't know where to start? Feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to digitize them for you.

O by the way, we are perfectly equipped to do so. Ever heard of a multi-cassette changer? No? We use it, enabling us to digitize 6 tapes consecutively and of course automatically!

Or you already have a disk full of digital mix tapes and want them to share with the rest of the world? Once again, please get in touch with us...

Find us on Facebook or directly via mixtapes.be@gmail.com